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Meet the Clans
Enchanted Rock Immortals

Who are the Enchanted Rock Immortals?

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Clan Fae

Clan Fae is a monarchy ruled by the Elves and Fairies in the Fae Kingdom of Lanorinia. The Court consists of Seelie and Unseelie factions, and the Fae look at the seat on The North American Council as a punishment, but elves and fairies are the only Fae allowed to sit on The Council. Fae members are appointed by the monarch but are often nominated by the Seelie and Unseelie Court. Fae magick is among the oldest.

Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas at su
Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas at su

Clan Human Paranormal

Coming soon.

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Clan Magic

Clan Magic's hidden city of Illusion, Texas is located east of Enchanted Rock, off of 965. You need a clan amulet to gain access to the city.

Clan Magic's people are divided into three sects:

  • Mage Sect--The most powerful sect is composed of, well, mages! Mages are the most advanced magic wielders. They create and cast spells and specialize in conjuring, curse creation, and curse breakage. Many work in law enforcement. Most Enchanted Rock North American Council representatives come from the Mage Sect.

  • Sorcery Sect--The members of the sorcery sect cast spells, conjure, etc., but cannot create these devices. They can, however, create ritual magic. Many work in law enforcement and power / vortex maintenance and are composed of Sorcerers, Shaman, Medicine Men, Volhvs, Wizards, and Wiseman / Wisewoman.

  • Elemental Sect--These beings create potions, charms, etc. (in the case of witches), raise the dead and compel them to speak (for necromancers), and manipulate the elements (for elementals) using energy-based, elemental powers. They can set wards and participate in rituals and coven-based magic (by channeling their powers.) Healing powers are a strength for this sect. Many work in the medical / healing occupations. The Elemental Sect is composed of Witches, Warlocks, Wicca, Necromancers, and Elementals (Elementals are rare—they have an affinity for one of the four elements—air, water, fire, earth.)

Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas at su

Clan Shifter

Coming soon! If they shift, they fit!

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