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August Release-The Lion Shifter's Trust

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

August is almost here, bringing a new release to the Enchanted Rock Immortals world, The Lion Shifter's Trust. I am so excited for my fifth novella which features a second-chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romance with two investigators who are hot on the heels of a vampire serial killer.

Though you may already be sold on my fast-paced combination of urban fantasy and romantic suspense, here's a little teaser from the book's description:

Trust once broken…

Lion Shifter Roberta Nlongo wants her reputation back. After a case where an affair with Nash Maguire ended with her faith shattered, she just wants to be seen as a capable investigator amongst her NAC Security peers. The report of a prominent politician’s missing daughter should be just the ticket for her comeback. But fate wouldn’t be so kind. The investigation turns into a battle of wills when Nash is hired by the family. And fate doubled down—not only had Ro fallen in love with the private detective, but found out he was her mate. If only she could focus on her priorities and forget her lion’s craving for the wrong man.

…can’t be regained…

Nash does a double-take when Ro enters his case. He’s tried to forget the gorgeous lion shifter who broke his heart two years ago. When he needed her most she’d shredded his trust, and no doubt she’d betray his love again. Yet no matter where he turns, Ro’s there, reminding him of their liaison, like she’s stalking her prey when she should be stalking their suspect, a serial killer turned vampire carving a path of destruction through humans and human paranormals alike.

…unless love holds the answer.

But nothing is what it seems, both in the missing persons case or the deception which terminated their affair. Can Ro and Nash solve the case and rebuild the trust they’d once shared?

The Lion Shifter's Trust is available exclusively in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. As with all Enchanted Rock Immortals novellas, the book is available for a month prior to release at the low pre-order price of $.99, but after release, a mere $2.99. Get The Lion Shifter's Trust now at!

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