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Clan Fae - Susan Person

Who makes up the membership of the Clan? Who created the Clan?

Want a little blurb temptation?

Thanks for stopping by! I'm pleased to be part of the talented group of authors that created Enchanted Rock Immortals. Clan Fae chose me for this adventure, and, like the other clans, Clan Fae has some specifics to the urban fantasy world the immortals share. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the characteristics and Fae specifics that differentiate them from the other clans.

I love writing Clan Fae as much as I loved building the Fae world. This clan is likely the oldest having been around for millennia. They are the only monarchy of the clans which is part of their ancient hierarchy. The kingdom, Lanorinia, is located in the hidden Fae Realm. Humans cannot find Lanorinia without Fae help. The royal court is divided into two groups, the Seelie and Unseelie, made up of elves and fairies. This might be a little different than what traditional Fae lore readers are use too, but it plays an important part in the world. The Seelie are light magick wielders made up of two subgroups, the Lightliners and Sandsifters. The Unseelie are patrons of dark magick, and the two subgroups among them are the Timberlands and Leafspirals. There are other Fae considered lesser Fae and not part of the ruling class.

Elves and fairies have a strong connection to nature and the elements. Many have an affinity for at least one element which replenishes their lifeforce when they use magick. It is believed the Fae, according to their history, created the vortices. This belief causes some friction between the Fae and the North American Council. The Fae do not need a vortex to travel as they can traverse along the leylines. Some Lightliners can even call their own leylines. The Fae have extremely long lifetimes and are hard to kill. The important thing to remember when reading a Clan Fae novella is there might be some familiar as well as fresh takes on Fae as part of the world building.

Readers often like to know what kind of person creates a crazy fictional world where fairies and elves exist. Here’s a little bit about the twists and turns in my life that brought me to a place to help create a piece of the Enchanted Rock Immortal world:

I’m an author and co-creator in the Enchanted Rock Immortals world of urban fantasy romance novellas. I am a multi-contest finalist in the paranormal and dark paranormal categories. A member of Romance Writers of America since 2013, I became a PRO member in 2015.

Having a passion for anthropology and archaeology, I returned to college to pursue a degree in anthropology and will graduate in 2021. I enjoy meeting writers and readers alike at conferences and events. I knew at an early age I wanted to write powerful heroines, and that dream is fulfilled every day by writing badass empowered heroines who take charge in their paranormal worlds.

I grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm before moving to the big city of Dallas. Twenty years later, I consider myself a Texan while still remaining loyal to my home state of Arkansas. A lover of travel, I have visited several countries with many more to go on my list. I particularly loved dowsing at Stonehenge. The outdoors are a place I find inspiration and can often be found in a park, at the lake, or on a road trip. I especially love the mountains. Furry animals hold a special place in my heart, and dogs tend to seek me out as a friend. I’m that person the dogs always run up to in the park!

My debut novel, IN BLOOD & ICE, is coming soon. I wickedly put vampires a hundred years in the future after a modern ice age covers most of the world. If you like vampires, be sure to connect with me on social media to get updates on the Enchanted Rock Immortals or my upcoming full-length novels.

I would love to connect with readers on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Visit my website for more information and read about my upcoming releases.

The first Clan Fae novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals is available in a special box set. Want to know more? Here’s a blurb to introduce you to Clan Fae!


She lived five years in banishment believing he was dead. He spent five years imprisoned by their enemy living only to see her again. Can their love survive the fight to save their kingdom?

Defeated by Kalypso for the throne of the Fae realm and broken-hearted by the death of her true love, Athena accepted banishment believing it the best option for her people. The only bright spot? She hoped her friends could find a way in her absence to dissolve the Fae marriage contract Kalypso tricked her into signing. Now, she’s wandered the human realm for five interminable Earth years as the Fae representative on The North American Council at Enchanted Rock.

When Athena finds out her love, Zander, is alive and a prisoner of their enemy, she’s willing to challenge Kalypso again to free him and take back her kingdom…at any cost.

Fae Undone is the first Clan Fae novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals series. If you like fast-paced worlds filled with magick and raw emotions, you’ll love Susan Person’s Fae adventures.

Release date: August 4, 2020

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