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Inspiration and a little Temptation-The Demon's Shifter Mate

Hello again, and welcome back to the Enchanted Rock Immortals World. Hopefully, you’ve received the Enchanted Rock Immortals box set released on August 4, 2020. Hard to put down, wasn’t it? I know---me too. Left you wanting more? I know—me too!

The good news is there is more. In fact, one novella will be released each month by one of the Enchanted Rock Immortals authors. Next up? The Demon’s Shifter Mate, by little ol’ me, on preorder now for $.99. (Psst—get it now before the price increases to $2.99 when it’s released on September 1, 2020!)

Sometimes people want to know where authors get their inspiration. For this novella, it was easy. When I wrote The Wolf Shifter’s Redemption, I knew exactly who my next main character would be, the smart-talking, fast-tracking wolf shifter, Chip Foster. I loved her smart mouth and the ‘chip’ on her shoulder, but was intrigued by the glimpse of softness she showed when Fuzzy was hurt. Chip wrapped herself in such a tough mantle, but underneath I suspected lay a goey, soft underbelly. So who to match with someone who put ‘defy authority’ on her to-do list every day?

Duh! Someone for whom the rules are all-important. That’s when I came across Calum, the North American Council’s Security Director. Cal lives and breathes the NACS Manual, and can’t seem to keep the infuriating, intriguing Chip Foster out of his thoughts. Shenanigans ensue, like dead bodies blowing up, near kisses, gun battles, and plenty of banter.

A little temptation, you ask? Of course I can. How about an excerpt from The Demon’s Shifter Mate?


Doc pushed her way through the swinging door. The scent of antiseptic and death multiplied. “We do try to keep the smell at bay, but there’s only so much magic can do,” Doc said by way of apology to Chip. “I’d offer to blunt your nose completely, but you need it, unfortunately.”

“I have ways of dealing.” Her pinched face suggested maybe those ways weren’t working too well.

Doc turned and pushed into another room, one with a single table. A sheet covered what lay there.

Magic washed over Cal as he entered, a waterfall of shivers pricked his skin. He had never gotten used to this, to the enchantments needed here. They kept all of their bodies separately. Years ago, magics timed to detonate hours after the body arrived at Enchanted Rock had killed one examiner and almost destroyed the morgue. They couldn’t afford something like that to happen again. The smells were bad enough. From experience, he breathed through his mouth, taste buds would pick up some of the scent, but much less than his nose.

Doc stopped at the exam table, hands in her white lab coat’s pockets, determination in her features.

“You okay, Doc?” Foster pulled up to the table across from the ME. She didn’t look at the sheet, but stared intently at the woman across from her.

Doc turned with a wry smile at the ready. “Sure. It’s just a shame what they did to this…person.” She turned her gaze back to the sheet, the fabric glowing bright in the room’s harsh light.

“So it’s a person? HP or non-paranormal?” Had that been a tremor echoing in Foster’s voice? Excitement? Or dread?

He crossed his arms and leaned a shoulder against the wall. The Medical Examiner could handle it from here. He’d already experienced the brutal glory once.

“I’ve said too much. I’d prefer you tell me what you find without any bias.” Doc’s hand moved to the top of the bulky form, grasped its cover, and dragged it down the body.

More precisely, what remained of it.


I did mention dead bodies, right? *smiley face* I hope you enjoyed the excerpt, but hope you enjoy the book more. Don’t forget to pick your copy up now while The Demon's Shifter Mate still on preorder for $.99!

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