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Clan Magic--Fenley Grant

Who makes up the membership of the Clan? Who created the Clan? I need extra magic in my life, tell me more about the first novella in Clan Magic's World.

~Wishes Granted~

The #EnchantedRockImmortals team met at a writer's retreat a little over a year ago and created our paranormal world. I chose to create the most magical Clan.

Meet Clan Magic:

Never mess with the members of Clan Magic. They can, and will, turn you into a toad. Or make you disappear…and not in a magic-trick kind of way.

Witches, mages, sorcerers, necromancers, and other specialized magic wielders, the members of Clan Magic use spells, charms, potions, and wards to shape their world and contribute to the North American Council’s society.

To better specialize their skills, Clan Magic subdivided itself into three sects:

  • Mage

  • Sorcery

  • Elemental

Mages make up the Mage Sect, and they are the most powerful of the three. They not only cast spells, they create them from their own internal magic.

Members of the Sorcery Sect are spellcasters, too, and also use wards and rituals to achieve their goals.

Elemental Sect members, primarily composed of witches, create charms, potions, rituals, and wards from the natural elements around them.

When the three sects work together, they make the Clan one of the most powerful forces within the North American Council (NAC.) Recent infighting, however, threatens the structure and unity of the Clan and makes members an easy recruiting target for other Clan’s splinter groups. Can Clan Magic rebuild their bonds and cement their formidable magical community, or will their most powerful people become tools in the NAC’s destruction?

Welcome to the world of Clan Magic.

Who would design such a Clan? Me. Fenley Grant. *Waves* "Hi!"

Fenley Grant has always loved the written word. In her youth, books traveled with her on family adventures to various Army bases. North Texas is home these days, where she lives with her husband, two human children, and two furry dog kids. A perfect day includes writing, reading, family, friends, and sunshine. No snow. After a long stint in the northern climes, she’s shoveled her last driveway.

Favorite books involve magical worlds, action, adventure, intrigue, and, of course, love. Fenley is an award-winning author, a 2019 Golden Heart ® finalist, an author with Champagne Book Group, and she writes urban fantasy, time travel, and paranormal romances.

Find Fenley on:

Facebook at FenleyGrant.Author

Twitter at @FenleyGrant

Her Website:

While I'm sure you'd love to hear more about me, we're all about the books, aren't we? Here's more about the first novella from Clan Magic:


Mage Evangeline Sand’s perfect life crashed the day her mother died. Since Enchanted Rock’s North American Council Security force failed to make her mother’s murderer pay for his crime, she’s taken the law into her own hands. Justice will be served, with a side order of magic. Unfortunately, the law has other ideas and pairs her with an unlikely and unwanted partner, Maximino ‘The Scorpion’ Espina.

Sorcerer Max Espina will do anything for his family. With his uncle’s fate in dire straits as the murder suspect, Max shoulders the responsibility of clearing the family name and forcing the true criminal to serve his uncle’s sentence. The task gets trickier when he’s teamed up with the crime victim’s beautiful daughter, Evangeline ‘The Snake’ Sand.

Will Evangeline and Max overcome their differences, deal with their mutual attraction, and bring the true killer to justice, or will their distrust and independent ways fracture their alliance…and let a power-mad magic wielder get away with murder?

Meet Evangeline and Max on their novella's release date: August 4, 2020!

Thanks for visiting Clan Magic!

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