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Clan Human Paranormal - Amanda Reid

Who makes up the membership of the Clan? Who created the Clan? Want a little blurb temptation?

Hello! With any new Urban Fantasy World, there are a lot of details to be considered, something each of the five creators had a hand in. We all adopted a ‘clan’ to make up its ‘rules’. I chose Human Paranormal. Here’s a little bit about the HP clan and how it works which I hope you find interesting:

The Leftovers. At least that’s what some call descendants of human matings with paranormal beings. Left with mental powers ranging from empath to telepaths, clairvoyance to telekinesis, as well as a life span several times that of normal humans, they’re trapped between worlds and clans. Since Human Paranormals don’t have the spells of a mage, the fangs of a demon, the strength of a shifter, or the elemental magik of a fae, they must rely on their pacts with other clans and voting power on the vortex councils to ensure their survival.

The North American Council has always relied on clan alliances—not only for their survival, but also to guarantee the safety of those who have no idea these fantastic beings exist. A new threat rises under an old banner advocating only paranormals of pure blood should exist, threatening HPs and their supporters. Can the NAC survive this attack or will it succumb to the attempts to destroy it?

There’s always a lot of drama going on in Clan Human Paranormal! Sometimes people also wonder who would come up with such crazy-cool ideas. First, my bio picture where someone did a crazy-fabulous job making me look good, then a little bit about the crazy (maybe not-so-cool) me who helped create this world.

I’m an author and co-creator in the Enchanted Rock Immortals world of urban fantasy romance novellas. I also author The Flannigan Sisters Mysteries, a series of light paranormal cozy mystery novellas.

Since I was young, I’ve been a lover of mystery, sci-fi, and paranormal books. I found my first romance book in my aunt’s closet around thirteen years of age and quickly decided it needed to be added to my repertoire. As do many readers, I’ve always dreamed of writing. I finally learned the secret--do it. That simple and that hard.

Beyond writing, I was a career Army brat and lived in exotic locations like Tehran, Iran and DeRidder, Louisiana as a child. I obtained an International Politics degree and dreamed of a career in the State Department, but ended up as a federal agent. I spent 24 years investigating murders, fraud, identity theft, drug dealers and many other crimes before my retirement. As you can imagine, it’s given me a wealth of inspiration for my mystery and urban fantasy stories.

I currently live in Texas with my husband and two gonzo Australian Shepherds. Catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook. You can sign up for upcoming releases and promos at my website,

So, enough about me. Maybe you’d like to learn a little bit more about my first novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals World? Here’s a blurb to tempt you right after my awesome cover:

Even a Wolf need a second chance

Veterinarian and animal empath, Carrie Fletcher is finally back on track after the murder of her parents by a pure blood fanatic three years ago. She watched his execution in the arms of Nathan Hebert, a wolf shifter she thought loved her, but dumped her as soon as his mission to protect her ended. Now, it appears the fanatic is back, and so is Nathan. This time the wolf claims he not only wants to keep her alive, he’s ready to return her love.

Leaving Carrie had been the worst mistake of his life. Clan Shifter hires Nathan Hebert’s security team with the return of the fanatic who’d given the Clan a black eye. The elusive criminal has managed to give Nathan the slip after several prominent murders, and now has targeted Carrie again, apparently looking to make a headline in the Enchanted Rock world. Soon, Nathan finds a dangerous conspiracy stretching far beyond the clan, threatening careful balance in the Enchanted Rock Immortal world and the woman he still loves.

The Wolf Shifter’s Redemption is due to be released August, 2020. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the Enchanted Rock Immortals world as much as I do!

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