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New Month, New Release!

Happy book birthday to The Rook's Mate, by Eve Cole!

(Click Image for Purchase Link)

Another month, another new read from the world of the #EnchantedRockImmortals.


Undercover for over two years, raven shifter Leo Rook is desperate for his investigation to be over. Encountering the same man who haunted his nights in the middle of Leo’s case isn’t something he anticipated. Can he trust Ned and convince him to testify against the man who employed him?

On the brink of a major scientific discovery, owl shifter and scientist Ned Buho discovers the real reason—the criminal reason—behind his boss’s interest in his research. While torn between continuing his work or reporting his suspicions to the authorities, the very man Ned can’t stop fantasizing about walks into his lab. His heart wants to trust Leo, but how can he when the raven shifter works for Ned’s nefarious employer?

When Ned’s boss discovers the possible betrayal, Ned and Leo flee, each intent on protecting the other. But can they protect their hearts? Or will they be collateral damage?

Discover Leo's and Ned's love story exclusively on Amazon and also find The Rook's Mate as part of the Kindle Unlimited library.

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