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November's Release: The Demon King's Runaway Bride!

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Robin Lynn's second #EnchantedRockImmortals novella released November 2, 2021---The Demon King's Runaway Bride!


For him to live, she must die.

For centuries, King Kriann’s hunted for his runaway bride—a demon princess powerful enough to secure his rule for eternity. After his throne is jeopardized by his clan’s former queen and with his people close to war, a long-hidden secret is revealed…his bride’s location. He’s willing to resort to any means necessary to save his clan, remain their king, and keep the woman he still loves from running again.

Lyndala’s spent hundreds of lifetimes in hiding, trying to atone for her blood-stained past and attempting to create a new life. When Kriann finds her and blackmails her into becoming his weapon, she searches for a way to avoid her destiny. But all paths lead her back to him, the king she ran from, the king who holds her heart, the king she will deceive to save...because protecting him and the clan means her death.

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