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Our Next #EnchantedRockImmortals Release!

Coming July 5, 2022...Aliases, Artifacts, and Attraction: A Love Story!

Exclusively on Amazon and part of the Kindle Unlimited Library.

Purchase before the release day and get the pre-order price of .99!

(Click image to purchase)

What you'll find:

Two secret identities.

Two reasons to hide.

Will the truth tear them apart, or will their entwined fates lead to love?

Starr Sparkles is on a mission. Her secret identity persona must find an amplifier artifact for her family’s unique confessor magic to stop the dangerous drains to their power and reclaim their normal, safe lives. Law enforcement wants her and her relatives to devote their lives to seeking justice, no matter the personal and physical consequences—and criminals want them dead.

Unfortunately, her best shot to save her family is to deal with the grumpy local antiquities dealer. Expecting to find the usual cranky shop owner, she instead encounters brawny and handsome Frank Baer. He’s knowledgeable, intelligent, and flirtatious…everything she hoped she’d find in a fated mate…and the kind of man who could distract her from her plans. Her life doesn’t allow time for love.

When Frank’s mage skills allow him to see her true identity, his reveal puts her and her family at risk. A lethal criminal organization steals the shop’s merchandise and attacks her, driving Stella and Frank to work together to combat the illegal outfit. After his secret self is bared, will their initial attraction turn to hate, or will fate forge the relationship into love?

If you enjoy paranormal romances with magic, action, fated mates, and secret identities, you’ll love Aliases, Artifacts, and Attraction: A Love Story, an Enchanted Rock Immortals world novella!

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