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Releasing Tomorrow ... Fae Redone!

(Click photo for Amazon purchase link or go to the 'Books' page on this website to order this and any other Enchanted Rock novella.)

Fae Redone is currently up for preorder at the great price of .99 (through today. Tomorrow, the novella releases at its regular pricing.) Get your copy while the price is low.

Want to know more about Fae Redone?

Death is never the end when you are Fae…

Athena survived death, but at what cost? With her connection to the elements fading, she must keep the loss of her gifts a secret. Whoever heard of a Fae queen who couldn’t control at least one element? Without those powers, she can’t hope to save the Fae Realm and the North American Council at Enchanted Rock from the evil Kalypso.

Athena’s true love, Zander, discovers a secret about his family that could change everything, maybe even the balance of power in the kingdom. Keeping the secret to himself until he can figure out the truth seems the right thing. He will risk deceiving Athena if it means he can stop Kalypso from killing her and taking over the Fae and Human Realms.

Can Zander and Athena’s love endure through the secrets they keep and Kalypso’s entrapment?

Fae Redone is the second Clan Fae novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals urban fantasy romance series. If you like fast-paced worlds filled with magick and raw emotions, you’ll love Susan Person’s Fae or any of the Enchanted Rock Immortals novellas!

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