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Unwed, Unfed, and the Undead: A Love Story--Novella #12 for The Enchanted Rock Immortals!

Available exclusively through Amazon on April 6, 2021, Unwed, Unfed, and the Undead: A Love Story.

The third novella for Fenley and the twelfth novella for the #EnchantedRockImmortals, Unwed, Unfed, and the Undead: A Love Story. (Click on image for purchase link.)

Here's more:


Clan Magic necromancer Danica Soare would do anything to find her happily-ever-after. When the use of the illegal love charm she’d wrangled from a friend ends in disaster, she’s left facing her dull, dreary existence alone. After giving up on love, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger brings new hope for romance. . . and maybe a change in her pathetic life’s trajectory too.


Vampire Serghei Vasile is everything Danica hungers for—tall, dark, and handsome enough to make a dead woman’s heart once again beat. He seems attracted to her, so what’s the catch? No one loves a necromancer. Can Danica trust his protestations of love, or should she keep her heart safe from the one man who could shatter her hopes for a future with a fairy-tale ending?

The Undead

When Serghei and Danica combine forces to take on a zombie threat, their partnership provides the possible key to eradicating the undead menace. A breach in trust throws their lives and the safety of the entire world into the hands of an undead horde, forcing Danica to make a choice—to live the depressing life before Sergei, or trust in the very vampire who broke her heart.

We hope you enjoy reading Danica's and Serghei's story as much as Fenley enjoyed writing their romance.

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