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Hello, 2022, and Happy Release Day to The Gargoyle Dilemma!

(Click image for link to purchase.)

Happy New Year!

What better way to welcome in 2022 than with a new #EnchantedRockImmortals read--The Gargoyle Dilemma, by Amanda Reid!

What you'll find...

Priority one for overworked, Human Paranormal crime analyst Cheryl Velazco? Time with her aging, ill grandmother in snowy northern New Mexico. Not anywhere on her list? A chance encounter with a solid, sexy gargoyle.

But this is no mere minor fae. Cher’s instincts say he’s Ethan Porter, a lead to a fugitive North American Council Security has been hunting. If only her womanly bits wouldn’t scream ‘yes’ every times she sees the hot hunk of gargoyle. Doesn’t matter. She could never fraternize with a potential suspect, no matter how tempted.

Ethan Porter curses himself every day for promising his father he’d protect his impulsive, trouble-making half-sister who betrayed the North American Council and over 20 crime syndicates. Unfortunately, a gargoyle’s word is his bond.

Before he can convince his spoiled sister to turn herself in, a smart, sexy human paranormal recognizes him and threatens what he believed a quiet place far from their often violent world. Nowhere on his to-do list should be fantasizing about a gorgeous, genius woman he can never possess.

A blizzard, an assassin army, and the North American Council’s Security forces seem to be stacked against them. Will Cher and Ethan continue to separately battle the powers opposing them, or can they fight their way to each other and find a path to love?

The Gargoyle Dilemma

Available exclusively on Amazon and part of the Kindle Unlimited library.

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