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Pinwheels, Potions, and Possibilities: A Love Story--an #EnchantedRockImmortals Holiday Novella!

Release date: December 7, 2021

Available exclusively on Amazon.

A paranormal romance with a holiday twist.

Pinwheels, Potions, and Possibilities: A Love Story is the first #EnchantedRockImmortals holiday novella.

A romantically challenged witch's love-potion-laced pinwheel cookies go to the wrong man.

Only time...and a little bit of holiday magic...will tell if he's Mr. Right.

Christmas Pinwheels…

Once again alone at the holidays, witch Isabella Belladonna is willing to try almost anything to take control of her romantic life, including baking a batch of illegally laced Christmas cookies. The perfect pinwheels, packed with a love potion so powerful it’s regulated by the North American Council, should persuade her shy suitor, a frequent customer of her family’s shop, to step up and ask her out.

Love Potions….

Carrying the magically seasoned box of holiday baked goods to her crush’s home, she reconsiders the legal risk to the family business, turns around, and runs into an unintended target—commitment-phobic mage Mack McIntyre. Sparks and the cookies fly, Mack eats two-and-a-half potent pinwheels, and now the dreamy, lovesick mage will follow her anywhere. To evade the discovery of her cookie crime, Isabella will have to stick close to Mack, keep him entertained, and wait out the drugged delicacies’ day-long duration. He’ll go back to his bachelor life, none the wiser, and she’ll return to her single state, sadder but sager.

And Lifelong Possibilities…

All Isabella has to do is keep Mack contented and contained for the twenty-four-hours of the potion’s potency…and fight the growing hope they’ll continue their cute couple holiday sparkle once the cookies are out of his system. Then someone discovers her crime. Not only will the drug dissipate, leaving Mack feeling duped and Isabella once again dumped, but she’s threatened her family’s business and her freedom. While she scrambles to fix this fiasco, all she can do is hope for a holiday miracle.

Get your copy of Pinwheels, Potions, and Possibilities: A Love Story today!

(Click to purchase.)

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